Our Modus Operandi

We first negotiate and sign buy back agreement with the paper mills. The key clause of the agreement is that the paper mills would procure raw materials through SAI at current or future price, whichever is higher at the time of harvesting .

Subsequently, depending on our fund availability we mobilize and organize small and marginal farmers into local farmers' association/producers' institutions.  We subsequently build their capacity; organize agriculture equipments; procure and organize door step delivery of agriculture inputs; and provide technical support throughout production cycle. At the time of maturity, we organize harvesting, processing and transport, thereby eliminating the middlemen.

SAI's unique feature is its Community Resource Person (CRP) concept. The CRP is a rural youth, belonging to local area and selected by farmers themselves. SAI train and build their capacity; and provide them monthly honorarium and performance incentives to provide one to one support to the collaborative farmers.

SAI allocates a Field Co-ordinator (FC) to every 10 CRPs. Depending on the size of operation, an FC can be supported by an Field Supervisor(FS) and other staff for finance, administration and other related activities.