We are driving a new movement which aims to redefine people living at the Base of Pyramid (BoP) as valuable partners for businesses –catering to their need of raw material while deriving their livelihoods from the same. We aim at achieving development impacts along with business successes by integrating the poor into corporate value chains. In a nutshell: we are connecting people, creating livelihoods and conserving nature

What We Do

Agro Forestry Model

SAI model typically suits small and marginal farmers, reducing their risk from farming while sustaining their livelihoods. The agro-forestry model with plantation in paired row system and intercropping in the in-between space ensures food, nutrition and income security. As our farmers normally do not have irrigation facility, we encourage them to cultivate traditional crops like millets and pulses which require less water and give better yield with little care and management.

Inclusive Business Approach

SAI’s Inclusive Business Approach (IBA) builds bridges between businesses and the marginal and small farmers for mutual benefit. The benefits for business go beyond immediate profits and higher incomes - include driving innovations, building markets and strengthening supply chains. And for the farmers they include higher productivity, sustainable earnings and greater empowerment.

Business Ecosystem Promotion

SAI promotes Business Eco-system, where different stakeholders, including communities, companies, technical experts, and social entrepreneurs work together on the challenge of permanently eliminating poverty. They work together to provide critical support to small farmers through appropriate market analysis; enabling farming technologies; technical know-how; access to finance & quality inputs, together with value chain management.

South-South Cooperation

SAI is working with local partners in Bangladesh, Ghana, South Africa and Uganda to replicate agro forestry model. We have been providing support to these patners in replicating the SAI model through online mentoring, field visits and technical backstopping.