Sustaining Livelihoods

SAI model addresses abject poverty and alienation from land of tribal & marginalized farmers; mobilizing and building their capacities with door step delivery of agriculture inputs. SAI further provides technical handholding support throughout production cycle; and arrange supply chain with direct market access.

The model not only ensures sustainable livelihoods to small landholders, but also the people without land (Landless) and rural unemployed youth. We generate approximately 100 person days of wage employment per acre during harvesting & transportation of matured woods. This not only provides landless with employment at home, but also protects women and adolescent girls from sexual exploitation when they migrate.

SAI identifies and train rural unemployed youth to become ‘Community Resource Person’ (CRP). Upon successful training they are inducted as full time employees with SAI to provide one-to-one support to the small farmers for which they earn attractive salary and social recognition.